Year 1 Maths Club at Our School

On Wednesday 26th November all the Year 1 classes organised and participated in this term’s Maths Club. Each teacher prepared a different activity and the children moved from class to class and were engaged in all four activities. The areas covered were number value, shapes, patterns and more/less than. The theme for this Maths Club was Christmas and thus all material created by the children was based on this theme. This material was then stuck on the windows of the school corridor to celebrate the children’s work and also doubled as Christmas decorations. The children actively participated in all of the activities and they were challenged to engage in challenging tasks. This Maths Club was a success as all the children enjoyed themselves while using their Mathematical skills to complete the four tasks.
(Ms Rebecca Cassar)

Literacy Club at The Year Twos.

Wednesday 26th November was a memorable day for our Year 2 children as, in line with our schools’s Development Plan, we organised a Literacy Club. The teachers prepared a lot of fun games covering different aspects of the English Language, namely colours, compound words, punctuation and the indefinite articles. The children moved from one classroom to another, where they found different stations to engage in. All children benefitted greatly from this Literacy Club as it was an innovative way to learn.
(Ms. Maria Fenech, Assistant Head of School)

From the School Newsletter: A New Scholastic Year

Dear Parents,

This is the first newsletter for Scholastic Year 2014-2015. The aim of this newsletter is to give you enough information so that we can start the scholastic year in an orderly way.

For those parents whose children are new to our school, may I remind you that this newsletter is distributed to children every two months to keep you informed about what is going on at school.

On the address label you have the class your child will be attending in. This is done for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. Children attending Kinder 1 and 2 do not have the class written on the label. The class will be communicated to you during the parents’ meetings to be held later on in September. (See inside of leaflet).

As from this year, Kinder 1 children will start school in a different manner, spread over 3 days in alphabetical order. More details inside this newsletter. Also this year, a new banding system will be adopted in years 5 and 6 whereas; students of similar abilities are grouped together so that learning is facilitated in class.

In this newsletter you can find more information about the school. I am passing this information so that more cooperation is shown by all.

Alexander Cassar

Head of School

The School’s Administration

The School’s Administration:

This year the duties of Assistant Heads and the groups they are in charge of have remained the same, that is:

Kinder 1: Ms Rosemarie Mifsud

Kinder 2: Ms Josephine Spiteri

Years 1 and 2: Ms Maria Fenech

Years 3 and 4: Mr Mark Abela

Years 5 and 6: Ms Mariella Zikic

Those who wish to talk to the Head of School are kindly asked to make an appointment with the School’s Secretariat.

School Uniform:

Children from Kinder 1 to Year 4 are to wear the St. Theresa College uniform. Children in Years 5 and 6 are either to continue to wear the old school uniform or else they may wear the new College uniform. Kinder children should always wear white running shoes.Primary children should always wear black shoes with their uniform and white running shoes with their PE kit or tracksuit. The socks should be navy blue when wearing the school uniform. Children start school in their summer uniform until further notice.


As in previous years, teachers have prepared a number of workbooks to be used with different subjects in class. These workbooks already have been photocopied in summer, and since they were done in bulk, they will cost less than if one had to do them individually. A payment for these workbooks will be asked at the beginning of the scholastic year or every term. When school starts you will be informed about the cost of these workbooks according to the Year Group.

School Notices: Years 2 – Year 6

School starts on Monday 22nd September at 08:30.

Meeting for Year 2 to Year 6 parents:

In October you will be having meetings with your children’s class teacher. These meetings most probably will be held during the second week of October when children have lessons with other peripatetic teachers such. You will be informed about these meetings later on.

School Notices: Year 1

So as to facilitate the transition between Kinder 2 and Year 1, on Monday 22nd September at 09:30 you are invited to attend an introductory meeting with your children where you will be meeting the class teacher. Children need not come in their school uniform for this meeting. This meeting will be held in the school Hall and then continues in the Year 1 classes. After the meeting, which will be of an hour duration, the children will go back home with you. Kindly bring with you the stationery items you were asked to buy over the summer period. The next day, on Tuesday 23rd September at 08:30, all Year 1 children will start school as usual till 14:30.

School Notices: Kindergarten 1 and 2

School for Kinder 1 and 2 children will start as follows:

Kinder 2: Wednesday 1st October at 08:30 (Boys and Girls)

Kinder 1: As from this year we will be adopting a new system issued by the Education Directorate. Kinder 1 children will start school in alphabetical order from 1st till 3rd October. During the meeting for Kinder 1 parents, you will be informed the exact day your child will start school. Till Friday 3rd October all children would have started school.

The following meetings for Kindergarten parents will be held as follows:

Kinder 2: Tuesday 23rd September at 09:30. During this meeting you will be meeting your children’s teacher. You will be given a list of stationery items which have to be bought. This meeting will not be longer than an hour.

Kinder 1: Wednesday 24th September at 09:30. During this meeting you will be given useful information about the Kindergarten in our school. You will also be meeting the class teacher. You will be given a list of stationery items which have to be bought. You will also be given the exact day when your child is to start school. This meeting will be around one hour long.

School Times:

08:20:  Year 1 to Year 6 pupils start entering school. (Main Door)

08:30:  Assembly for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils

All Kindergarten children enter school (Main Door)

14:10:  Dismissal of Kinder 1 children (Main Door)

14:15:  Dismissal of Kinder 2 children (Main Door)

14:20:  Dismissal of Year 1 (Main Door); 2 and 3 children (Middle


14:25:  Dismissal of Year 4, 5 and 6 children (Other Side Door)